Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Bobo, Matt, Cliff & Renae at the Museum (Photo Nadia Moore)
The Finding Bigfoot TV Show Meet and Greet at our Museum yesterday was a GREAT SUCCESS!  Matt Moneymaker, Renae Holland, Cliff Barackman & James (Bobo) Fay were all here from 4 to almost 7pm and worked non-stop signing autographs and chatting with all their fans!  Their line of supporters wound around the Museum the whole time and probably would have gone on all night if we had let it.   We sold out of BBQ 2X and everyone in attendance had a great time!

Mike Rugg, Ralph Jack and all the rest of the Bigfoot Discovery Project Members would like to extend a huge thanks to the Cast for coming by and giving us so much love and support!  

If you were not able to attend but would like to see and hear how the day progressed check out Mike's Event Video and the After Hours with Rictor Riolo Show that took place live during the whole afternoon with special guests Bart Cutino, Tyler Bounds, Jerry Hein, Tony Plescia, Roving Reporter Christopher York and of course Matt, Renae, Cliff and Bobo along with Mike himself!   And don't miss the picture gallery below!
       Episode 218 - Bigfoot Discovery Project Show 

After Hours with Rictor Episode 14 - Finding Bigfoot
at The Discovery Museum Part 1

After Hours with Rictor Episode 15 - Finding Bigfoot
at Discovery Museum Part 2

After Hours with Rictor Episode 16 - Finding Bigfoot
at Discovery Museum Part 3

After Hours with Rictor Episode 17 - Finding Bigfoot
at Discovery Museum Part 4 

Stay tuned for new episodes of After Hours with Rictor here!
Photo Gallery of the Days Events!

Museum members Tony Martin, Mike Barrow, Daniel Perez, Mike Shaw, Ralph Jack & Mike Rugg get ready for the big day Monday night!  A special thanks to Daniel Perez of the Bigfoot Times for supplying the staff BBQ!  (photo Nadia Moore)

Tony, Cliff & Ralph (Photo Christopher York)
Tyler & Mike doing the After Hours with Rictor Show!  (Photo Christopher York)
Tyler on Air  (Photo Tyler Bounds)

Jerry Hein chats with Rictor!  (Photo Christopher York)

Bobo finds a new friend  (Photo Christopher York)

The BBQ starts up (Photo Christopher York)

Tony Plescia & Bart Cutino  (Photo Bart Cutino)

Tyler Bounds with After Hours Co-Host Nadia Moore  (Photo Christopher York)

Tyler & Nadia Hangin' on air  (Photo Christopher York)

The Cast Meet & Greet!  (Photo Christopher York)

The Barrow's are Bigfoot Believers!  (Photo Nadia Moore)

Bobo with some fans! 
(Photo Nadia Moore)

One last picture to remember the day!  (Photo Tyler Bounds)

A GREAT BIG THANKS to all the Museum Members who helped out!

Ralph Jack - Staffing, Preparation, Photo Documentation, Crowd Control, & Clean-up

Tony Martin - Staffing, Preparation, Crowd Control, & Clean-up

Greg Rose - Video Documentation

Michael Barrow - Preparation, BBQ, Broadcasting Technical Assistance, & Clean-up  

Tracy Barrow - Preparation, General Assistance, & Clean-up

Michael Shaw - Preparation, Photo/Video Documentation, Crowd Control, & Clean-up

Jerry Hein - Preparation & Clean-up

Mellow Russell - General Assistance & Clean-up

Nadia Moore - Publicity, Live Broadcast Coordinator, & Clean-up

Daniel Perez - Preparation and Preparation Team BBQ

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