Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Trip to the Bigfoot Discovery Museum

A Great Big Bigfoot Thanks goes out to Randy Harrington for being our first Museum Member Guest Blogger and sharing his recent visit and pictures, while hanging out with Mike Rugg during his trip to California from his home state of Missouri:

My wife and I recently took a two week trip out to Vegas and the West coast. After several days in Vegas, we cut across the Southern section of California to the coast. We drove the scenic highway along the coast up to San Fransisco.  Before reaching San Fransisco, we would drive by Felton California.  Being a bigfoot researcher, I had to stop in and check out the Bigfoot museum there.

We arrived around opening time on Saturday the 15th, Mike Rugg answered the door and we made our introductions. I spent quite a while looking around at all the artifacts on display. It was a bigfooter's dream, all things bigfoot.  From Statues carved in wood out front, to display cases of plaster cast foot prints and hand prints.

Other patrons entered the shop and browsed while I was there. Most wanted to discuss our favorite subject...bigfoot.  There was one gentleman from New Zealand, and a couple people local visiting.  Mike was full of Knowledge and had many stories to tell, some from notable researchers, and plenty of stories from his own personal boots on the ground research.

I shared with him my sightings and research.  We went to my Facebook page so I could share photo's with him.  We discussed research technique success and failures...he was very open and generous with his knowledge and experiences.  He seemed to be appreciative of my efforts and techniques and results, and I appreciate someone of his caliber validating what I have done.  He said he would incorporate some of the things that have worked for me in his current area's...and I purchased a drawing Mike made of the famous Patty walking the creek in Northern California... Mike is an accomplished artist.  Of course I had him sign the art.

Mike is a great guy, I would encourage anyone that ever goes to California to make it a point to stop in and visit with him. I am glad I did.

Randy Harrington


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Update on the Patterson Big Reel One Documentary

Justin Smeja, Mike Rugg, Ralph Jack, and Ro Sahebi at Discovery Day V
The upcoming Documentary will include the presentations of Mike, Bill Munns (The Munns Report), and Dr. Meldrum (The Relict Hominoid Inquiry) at October's Discovery Day V, as well as the full 40 minutes of Roger and Al's recently unearthed "Big Reel One" which was shown publicly for the first time since the early 1970's at that day's presentation.

And below watch filmmaker Ro Sahebi's interview with Dr. Jeff Meldrum at the Discovery Day V BBQ, where he shares his thoughts on the current DNA projects, in addition to many other topics.

And if you venture even further below you will find some more pictures and video from the Bigfoot Discovery Day V post conference bonfire singalong!  

Dr. Meldrum, courtesy of Ro Sahebi of The Bigfoot Report  
and the Report's YouTube Channel

Post Discovery Day V Bonfire (Christina, Nadia, Kipp, Justin and Peter)