Friday, October 26, 2012

Bigfoot Discovery Day V

                Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the Patterson                   
Gimlin Film at Bigfoot Discovery Day V

If you missed Bigfoot Discovery Day V last Saturday October 20th in Felton California please enjoy the event pictures and video of the Round Table Discussion with Mike Rugg, Kathy Strain (Anthropologist and author of Giants, Cannibals & Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture), Dr. Jeff Meldrum (The Relict Hominoid Inquiry | Idaho State University), Bill Munns (Film and Costume Expert), Daniel Perez (The Bigfoot Times), and Bart Cutino (Sierras Evidence Initiative).

A DVD of the evenings presentations including the newly unearthed Roger Patterson "Big Reel One", which was recently bequeathed to the Museum and had not been shown publicly for 40 years, will be available for purchase soon! 

This 40 minute film was used by Roger and his brother-in-law Al DeAtley to introduce the Bigfoot film containing "Patty" as they toured the country in the late 1960's and early '70's to raise funds by selling memberships to their North American Research Organization.  An organization that Dr. Meldrum shared his childhood memory of joining when he introduced the film last Saturday night.  This film has pictures of Roger casting footprints, Roger and Bob and other expedition members riding horseback in Washington State, footage of Bob Gimlin dressed in a wig to portray an Indian Tracker for Roger's documentary that he was filming before he got the footage of Patty, interviews with early witnesses from the Pacific Northwest, talks by Al DeAtley and John Napier of the Smithsonian Institution, and lot of other cool stuff!

Mike Rugg talked about Greg Long's book The making of Bigfoot  in which he claims that the Patterson Gimlin Film Footage was faked using Bob Heirmonimus in a suit, amongst other assertions, and why his conclusions were wrong.

Bart Cutino also presented his new Thermal Video footage taken at the Sierra Evidence Site last August.  This was the first public disclosure of his footage and the experiences there and you can read more about it at his website The Sierras Evidence Initiative!

And look for my write up of the work Bill Munns presented debunking once and for all the claim of Bob Heironimus that he was Patty inside a "suit".  He has recreated the suit exactly according to Bob's description and shown indisputably that it could not be responsible for the footage.  He has also been working with female models in body paint in order to closely examine all the possible criteria and morphology of Patty's breasts.  Stay tuned for pictures of the breast reenactments in my next blog post!

Nadia Moore

Bigfoot Discovery Days V Round Table Discussion courtesy of Museum Member Michael Shaw:

Picture Gallery

Mike Rugg, Ralph Jack, Kipp Morrill, Dr. Meldrum, Nadia Moore, Mike Shaw.
Friday night Pre-Conference dinner.

Ralph Jack, Mike's right hand man.

Kipp Morrill was first up at the BBQ manned by Mike Rugg's daughter Jessica Yarr

Terry Smyth & Dr. Meldrum
Daniel Perez & Todd Hale
Ro Sahebi and Justin Smeja Arrive.
Shawn Evidence, Todd Hale, Bill Munns, Daniel Perez
Dr. Meldrum drove all the way!
Kipp Morrill & Todd Hale
Daniel Perez, Bart Cutino, Shawn Evidence, Justin Smeja, Ro Sahebi, Nadia Moore

Mike Rugg debunks the debunker Greg Long.

Roger Patterson's Big Reel One!

Dr. Meldrum introduces the "Big Reel One"!

Al DeAtley, Roger Patterson's brother-in-law, opening the 40 minute "Big Reel One" not seen publicly since about 1970!

Roger Patterson and his 8 foot rendition.

Bart Cutino concluding his presentation.

Bill Munns reveals his new Patterson Gimlin film Analysis.


Kathy Strain and Bart Cutino

Steve Concannon, Ralph Jack, Mike Rugg

Todd Hale & Justin Smeja

Dr. Meldrum, Kathy Strain, Tom Yamarone

Todd Hale, Daniel Perez, Dr. Meldrum

The ever patient Dr. Meldrum signs casts

Bart Cutino, Mike Rugg, Nadia Moore, Kipp Morrill, Jim Thomas
Dr. Meldrum, Tom Yamarone, Bart Cution, Terry Smyth, Bob Strain, Daniel Perez, Kathy Strain, Bill Munns. 

And A Great Big Bigfoot Discovery Museum Thank You!

The following people donated their time, money and knowledge to make this day the big success that it was:


Mike Rugg
Dr. Jeff Meldrum
Bill Munns
Bart Cutino

Round Table Participants:

Mike Rugg
Kathy Strain
Dr. Meldrum
Bill Munns
Daniel Perez
Bart Cutino


Sharon Lee
Lenny Green


Nadia Moore
Tom Yamarone
Todd Hale
Bart Cutino
Danny Valderrama

Museum Members:

Ralph Jack
Lance McVay
Greg Rose
Mike Shaw
Kathy Strain
Bob Strain

Mellow Russell
Nadia Moore
Steve Concannon
Jim Duffy