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                                                                         Evening Hike - January 28, 2013

 Bigfoot Discovery Days V 

Dinner the night before Discovery Day V
What a fun past couple of days in Felton, California... Of course talking with Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Bill Munns was a unique opportunity, but also Bart Cutino, Daniel Perez, Bob and Kathy Strain, Tom Yamarone, Nadia Moore, Kipp Morrill, Ro Sahebi, Shawn Evidence, Justin Smeja, Jeffrey Gonzales and the other guys from Sanger Paranormal Society, Ben and Suzie who did a YouTube video of screams from their pontoon boat while broken down beside a road in the Sierras last July, and don't forget our hosts Mike Rugg and Ralph. My brain is still mushy, sorry if I've forgotten to name others. There was great weather, BBQ hot dogs, but so many interesting conversations going on, it was impossible to be a part of everything. Then after some pizza and an adult beverage, the evening formal presentations by Mike Rugg, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Bill Munns and Bart Cutino. I finished the night sitting next to a really drunk lady at the campfire gathering. About 1am, I drove home to Santa Clara.
Mike Shaw, Sunday, October 21
I was the one who picked Bill Munns up at the airport and drove him to Felton 10 days ago. Bill was hungry, so we also stopped en-route at Subway for a sandwich.  We mostly talked about the movies, new ones I've seen, older ones Bill had worked on. We did talk a little about Patty. My question to Bill was... Bigfoot is usually described as a super Mr Atlas with narrow hips and a huge upper body and chest, why is it that Patty's body looks so different? Bill's answer was that Patty is a female and probably has wider hips for child birth and because it was fall, she was putting on weight for the winter. We also wondered if Patty could still be alive out in the forest somewhere today even after these 45 years. A few months ago, I had asked Mike Rugg the same questions about Patty's body and got a similar answer. BTW, that Friday night 10 days ago, I had Bill Munns ride shotgun in my car earlier in the evening and Dr. Meldrum later when we went to the Mexican Restaurant, lol
Mike Shaw, Monday, October 29


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