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Welcome to the Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show, based at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum located amidst the beautiful Coastal Redwoods of Felton California.

Mike Rugg is the Director of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum, and is a respected expert on the North American Sasquatch and other unknown hominids. Mike has amassed an unparalleled amount of knowledge in his 60 years of studying all aspects of Bigfoot and he shares his insights into these fascinating creatures in every episode of his video blogs.

View The Current Episode Here: (3-23-13)
Where Mike gives us an update on the Historical Patterson Big Reel One DVD and some of the obstacles others have introduced which have put it on hold.

Here is Episode One where Mike talks about the Museum, his qualifications, and why he felt compelled to start it:

  And gracious thanks to Ro Sahebi for permission to share his interview with Richard Stubstad and his thoughts on working with Melba Ketchum on the initial samples she analyzed and how the end of his collaboration with her came about.

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