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The Mystery Tooth At The Museum

Legitimate Testing for the Museums Mystery Tooth still being sought!

Mike Rugg is still searching for a reputable Scientist to test the DNA of the Mystery Tooth in his possession.  To date the only person with any kind of scientific background who has looked at it has been a Dentist, who said it looked human, just BIGGER!

If you are not familiar with the tooth that was found at a local quarry and donated to the museum about 4 years ago, you can read and watch all about it below!

The late Richard Stubstad originally paid for Mike to travel to southern California back in 2010, where he had a Dentist extract part of the pulp and it was sent to Dr. Ketchum.  When Mike contacted her a year later she informed him that the tooth had not been used in her original study, which is still pending publication today over a year later, as she had not received the proper paperwork for it's inclusion.  The tooth pulp was apparently a victim of the legal issues between herself and Richard Stubstad, an original member of the study team.  Fortunately Mike still retains most of the tooth.  (See Richards last interview below)

Next Mike contacted a local Geneticist at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Ed Green, who declined to even look at it during his stop at the Museum, because he was so absolutely sure that Bigfoot do not exist that he did not believe there could possibly be any evidence to look at..........

Finally Mike contacted the DNA Study currently being carried out by Dr Bryan Sykes, Professor Emeritus at Oxford University, to see if he could submit part of the tooth pulp for analysis there, but was told that this study is only accepting hair samples.  

What does a Bigfoot Museum have to do to get someone to look at their tooth??? 

"Message from the Curator: 

Now that we have our first bit of potential “physical evidence” I felt inspired to share it here even though we have not yet determined exactly what it is. Our newest member, Matt, came in and donated a tooth to the museum collection. It appears to be an unusually large human molar with the enamel cap worn down to the pulp. About 1/3 of the tooth is missing, and both of the roots are broken off; one more so than the other. It appears to be old and fossilized and when I searched online for an image that matches there were only two that came close so far: one was a bear tooth, the other a Neanderthal tooth. He found the tooth in 2002 in Scotts Valley where people dig for shark’s teeth. It was laying on the ground in the woods above the sand cliff where people normally dig. So far I’ve sent an email to paleoanthropologist Dennis Etler asking him to stop by and take a look at it. He has not come in yet, although he said he would."

- Mike Rugg  Volume 3 Number 10, February 2008

August 15, 2011 
In this episode, Mike updates us on the very latest of the Bigfoot DNA project as well as the fate of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum's submitted tooth:

October 28, 2011 
In this episode, Mike gives us an update on the Bigfoot DNA project:

September 22, 2012 
In this episode, Mike talks about Brian Sykes and his request for Bigfoot DNA samples to test:

The Last Interview with the late Richard Stubstad courtesy of Ro Sahebi at The Bigfoot Report:

Read the rest of the Volume 3 No 10 Museum Newsletter Here: 
Volume 3 Number 10, February 2008


  1. I have contacted Mike about this several times, and it agonizes me that no one has taken a look at this. I seriously think that this could be the evidence that helps silence the skeptics. I had contacted Lee Berger (paleoanthropologist) who said that he thought it might be fossilized, although he couldn't be sure because the only images he had were from the video. He also said that it looks like a Gigantopithecus or maybe Paranthropus tooth, which is very intriguing. Great article, I hope he finally gets someone to take a look!

  2. Yes I think it could be a fossil since it was found at the quarry where other types of fossils are frequently collected. Hopefully this will be the year that we can get some kind of legitimate opinion or analysis. I think if a few other projects which are still in process yield results then this will be looked at much more seriously!


    1. Nadia, I have contacted primatologist Michael Reid and he said that he is going to contact someone but he will need better pictures. Is there any way that you could ask Mike for some more (and better) pictures of the tooth and post them (or email them to me at Thanks.

    2. Thanks Jay! Mike has a replica of the original, but I am not sure how close it is as far as coloring and patina, etc., as I have not seen it myself. The original tooth is now in pieces due to the pulp extraction that was sent to Melba Ketchum, but apparently was never used or returned to Mike. I will ask Mike to contact you or take some pictures myself when I am down there in a few weekends!

  3. if the second image of bigfoot csn be prooved to be a real image of something in the film that would prove Bob H. is a liar..because if Bob H. is not lying than the second bigfoot would also be a hoax and Bob H. would have used his knowledge of that to prove that the film is a fake...he would also know the name of the person in the second costume...etc.etc. So if the second image is indeed something that was present at the time of the filming wether its indeed a real creature or another person in a suit is irrelevant it just would prove that Bob H was never there...


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