Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mike Talks about his Childhood Sighting

Friend of the Bigfoot Discovery Project and the Bigfoot communities own premier filmmaker Ro Sahebi takes the time to talk with Mike Rugg about his childhood sighting of the "Big Hairy Man", his time at Stanford University, and his decision to become a Bigfoot Researcher full time!

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Felton California as we travel along with Ro on another one of his magical journeys!  Thanks for being so kind as to share with us all here Ro!

You can watch more films by Ro at his blog site The Bigfoot Report, and don't miss his "Extinct" Podcast every Sunday afternoon where all things Bigfoot and are discussed.

Watch here:

Ro Sahebi

Ro in action at Bigfoot Discovery Day V


  1. thanks for the kind words Nadia :)

  2. Thanks for all your support of Mike and the Museum Ro!


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